Friday, February 24, 2017

Scribbles From My Scrap Studio – 2017 February


Here we are 8 weeks into 2017 and I am finally sharing with you what I am doing for Project Life this year. I have an on again/off again, love/hate, forget/remember, fun/hassle, relationship with Project Life. I adore the philosophy of making scrapbooking simpler, but like many others I was sidetracked by too much irresistible product. To be honest, I should never have purchased a single core kit. As a stash kit counterfeiter, I am contrite that I literally “bought” into the idea of needing dedicated supplies.

I embrace the idea of recording daily moments for a whole year – but I worry that it can seem so “daily” or even “weekly”. A year is a long time. Only parts of the last few years have Project Life pages, mostly I have succeeded in using it for trips in connection with full 12 x 12 layouts.

I was stalled out on how to approach 2017. I could not get started, feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought it could be unsustainable. That is, until I saw this video by Becky Higgins studio:

In this video (just a minute long), the good folks at Becky Higgins simply showcase inserting a whole year of the new Project 52 – Fresh cards into an empty album. Each week has 2 pages - simple.

Yet not simple enough. Maybe week could have just 1 page. That is when it hit me that those pages (Design A) are split right down the middle. What if I put 2 weeks on a page instead of 1. Then I would only need to fill 4 slots per week – 1 weekly place card, 2 photos and 1 other journal card – and I would be done with the week. In fact, I could even do a single photo a week and use filler cards for the rest. Brilliant, you say? Am I the first person to see the page split in half like that or tackle it in this “less might be more-likely-to-finish” way?
I decided to commit. Will it work, you wonder? If you know me at all, you should wonder!  Here is the current state of affairs. I started with the previous Project 52 core kit, plus a set of 12 specialty cards. (I am showing you this digital image because it is easier to get a flavor of the kit. I am using physical product.)


I have put all the weekly page cards into the album. I have sorted half of the remaining core kit into my journal card holder. I downsized by half the items I had stored in my Raskog to matching colors and likely usuable items.  This reduced a bit of visual clutter at my Project Life desk, and encourages me to use bits and bobs from my scrap desk and that case of crop stuff I showed you last month.

Here is just a sampling of my pages thus far.  I am up-to-date through last week – Valentines Day.


Quick Pocket Notes:

· I used New Year’s Eve – New Year’s day photos for the title page.

· Most of my journaling is done on the computer and printed on the weekly place cards. I set up blanks in Microsoft Word with both left and right justified margins.

· On Week One, I cut a slit in the back of the protector so that a tab could pop through for a photo that faced back, and I popped the camera on the outside.

· I printed one free downloaded card that I have had for a couple of years.  All my downloads reside in one place in my photo gallery, so they are easy to peruse. I altered it by adding text to suit my story.

· It is okay to go bigger once in a while, on a week of vacation I expanded to use 2 1/2 pages or  5 vertical columns – by inserting a 6 x 12 divided protector. (Part shown above.)

· Clear stickers on photos, and transparencies over color cards add lots of interest.

I conjecture that the key to Project Life may be doing just enough to get by, enough to tell a story over the length of a year, but not so much that you are spending all your scrappy time on it. After the first week, I have only been spending about an hour each week to choose and print photos, journal a bit, add cards and embellishments.

Now, while you keep wondering if I will stick with it, I am wondering what you are doing with Project Life? Anything? Anything, at all?

Need more input or another approach?  On this Scrap Gals Podcast, Tiffany and Tracie talk to Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper about her mixed scrapbooking plan for 2017.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 2017 Challenge #2 - It Takes Two

Challenge #2 - It Takes Two

Our second challenge of the month is inspired by Valentine's Day, but not directly. Make two of something, but make sure that they work well in combination. For example, you could make a two page layout or a double pocket page spread. Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to scrapbooking either. If you fancy a little bit of mixed media, so that you can make one of those necklaces that splits in two - rock on!

Let's see how our team interpreted the challenge.

Margie chose to use two photos on her layout, and combined it with a class prompt from a class she is working through:

Head over to her blog for more details on the class and products she used.

Clair made two mini-cards, using her kit from January. Visit her blog, Obstinate Pursuit, for more details.

Lisa's been saying for years the she's going to start the Project Life and still hasn't managed to get going. 

So she decided to see if she could add some motivation by making up two matching pocket page 6x4 cards with her kit. 

Using some scraps of her Enchanted kit, she made up a 6x4 title card for February and a coordinating journalling card. 

Let's see if it helps her jump into this form of memory keeping!

As always, we would love to see your take on this month's kit and anything that you make using it, so make sure to include them in our Monthly Link Up.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 2017 Challenge #1 - Love Is In The Air

Challenge #1 - Love Is In The Air

For our first challenge of the month, is a journalling challenge. Create a project about something that you love - family, friends, chocolate, wine? But make sure that you include some notes about why it means so much to you!

Let's see what the Master Forgers created!

Clair created this 6x8 layout, all about her love of beading and added lots of journalling around the edge of the layout. Check out her blog, Obstinate Pursuit, for more details.

Kelly's layout documents her love of the view out of the sunroof of her new truck. After fourteen years of driving the same car, she finally got a new ride! See more about this page on her blog.

As always, we would love to see your take on this month's kit and anything that you make using it, so make sure to include them in our Monthly Link Up.

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 2017 Mini Kit Reveal

Love this month's inspiration kit, but not entirely sure if you can play along this month? 

Maybe you're not sure if you have the time and energy to play along? 
Maybe you feel like you haven't got quite enough stash to make a full kit? 
Or maybe you're still working with the remnants of last month's inspiration kit and only need a small selection to work with? 

Whatever the reasons, we've been busy working on a new feature which we hope will help out when time, energy or stash are a little bit lacking! In addition to the main kit reveal on the 1st of the month, we'll also be creating our own smaller 'Mini Kit' versions of the inspiration kit, along with some ideas for using them up quickly!

Kits can either be simply smaller versions of the main kit, or they can be specifically aimed at use as card kits, mini album kits, pocket style albums or planners. It's entirely up to you. And you can use the mini-kit option whenever you like -
  • You're still loving (and creating with) an older kit, but want to play along each month.
  • You don't have enough stash that suits the new inspiration kit. 
  • You're busy, but still want to feel creative. 
  • You love the 'Main Kit' but could have taken it in a different direction. Use the mini-kit as way to explore those other options. 
  • You need *more* kit. Use the mini-kit as an 'add on'. 
  • In fact, use the mini-kit inspiration in any way that you want! 

Shall we show you what we've been using it for?

Stephanie put together a very simple page kit, inspired by the soft lilac color in the original kit:


Here's my mini kit.

3 sheets of patterned paper, 3 sheets of cardstock, some small embossed scraps plus a few embellishments.

From this group I made 10 cards.

Susan put together this mini kit:

and used it to make this mini album:


As always, if you're inspired to create a kit, make sure to include them in our Monthly Link Up. We want to see it! Or share on Instagram using @counterfeitkitchallenge or #counterfeitkitchallenge

We'll be back with the first challenge of the month on the 12th February. Don't miss it!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Forgery on the Fourth - February 2017

February 2017
January [Document] Life Stories, Little Things In Life by Scrapdelight.

Quick Tip: To make an instant set of custom diecuts to go with your counterfeit kit,
simply grab your boldest patterned paper & fussy-cut your favorite motifs.

Master Forger Susan found this site for free label downloads back in September.

Quick Tip: Coordinating colored tissue paper backed with double-sided tape & doodled 
or stamped with polka dots creates a quick & painless counterfeit washi tape!

Quick Tip: use a notebook-sized hole punch to create custom confetti from your papers 
in lieu of sequins, or resurrect that once-prized hexagon punch to create that 4x6" die-cut.

Now, check out our Master Forgers counterfeit wizardry below:

Kelly loved the wreaths in this month's kit.
Here are two tutorials on how you can make your own wreaths with stamps you already have!

Make a Wreath Using a Vine Stamp

Make a Wreath Using a Sprig Stamp

Clair loved the Journalling Cards and created her own with a selection of scraps, a little bit of sticking and a little bit of stitching! See the tutorial on her blog, Obstinate Pursuit.

Stitched Pocket Pages Journalling Cards Tutorial

Clair also loved the camera sheet in the kit and included a counterfeited acetate sheet in her kit. You can make something similar, using one of Clair's older tutorials. Find the tutorial, on her blog, Obstinate Pursuit.

Make sure to share YOUR mad counterfeiting skills with us on the Linky and/or the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Page! Or share on Instagram using @counterfeitkitchallenge or #counterfeitkitchallenge

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Just The Gist of It – The Little Things In Life

Yes, I think the name of this month’s inspiration kit sums it up in a few words.


As you saw yesterday
, this month’s kit from Scrapdelight has a limited color palette and a generally small scale:
  • small flowers,
  • small leaves, 
  • small dots,
  • small grids,
  • small labels,
  • small hearts.
Most of it is of a petite scale, but even the large elements have a delicateness about them.  Scrapdelight offers all three types of kits, but in my opinion, the contents of the just scrapbook kit work for scrapbook pages, project life pockets and planners too.

It is entirely little bits of splendid scrappiness.

Will you embrace the fact that it is lavender and green, with black and white in February?  Or will you think about adding in pink because it is February, after all?  In the right tones, pinks could work beautifully as well – just as the yellow does in their add-on kit.  This color wheel will help you see why (i.e., pinks are next to purples as yellows are next to greens).


Just keep the colors soft and the proportions sweet and your counterfeit kit will capture the diminutive essence of this month’s inspiration kit. Happy kitting.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017 Counterfeit Kit Reveal

It's February, the month of love - and I think you are going to fall in love with this month's inspiration kit! This month, we're working with the January [Document] Life Stories Kit, 'Little Things In Life' from Scrapdelight.

Scrapdelight are a Dutch store, who have embraced the eclectic nature of modern memory-keeping, while retaining some of the special elements of traditional scrapbooking and each month, their [Document] Life Stories Kits come in four selections: Scrap Kit, Planner Kit, Pocket Pages Kit and Embellishment Kit. 

But, one of the best things about the [Document] Life Stories Kits is that all of the elements which make up the kits - Papers, Cardstock, Stamps, Embellishments, Die-cuts; Labels, Journalling Cards - can be bought separately, meaning that customers can create their own customised kits! Just like we do here at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge!

Ready to check out the inspiration? 

Let's have a closer look at those deliciously soft, whimsical patterned papers!

There's an added pop of colour in the cardstock!

Aren't the colours amazing? The softer colours are still fantastic for working on winter memories, but I love the little extra hit of sunshine yellow.

Now, as if that's not quite enough loveliness, there's also two stamps sets which co-ordinate with the kit and there are four add-on options for Journalling and Pocket Pages!

I think we have more than enough counterfeiting options, right?

Let's meet our Guest Designer, the lovely Lisa-Jane Johnson, and see her kit!

"Hi there, I'm Lisa-Jane and I live in the south of England in an old, tall house which we are busy renovating. I'm married to my best friend and I'm a mum of two middle school children. My little girl and I love to scrapbook, eat chocolate, get messy in our art journals and get organised in our planners.  Basically we just love cutting and sticking!"

You can catch up with Lisa-Jane on Instagram or Facebook.

"I started out with one sheet of gorgeous lavender flowers but I couldn't find anything else to go with it and everything else I had was very purple! I switched it for a pale pink and used some very old stash indeed!  I was so happy! I realised also that the navy and pink was very on trend and very similar to the Posh collection from Simple Stories so I pulled that out to use as an add on kit. In the end I had to use that quite separately because it has a slightly off white background and the rest of the main kit was very white."

Just look at all of the beautiful patterned papers, alphas and embellishments included in this counterfeit. Swoonsome!

But ... there's even more inspiration coming with the Master Forger's Main Kit Reveal Blog Hop.

Clair -
Kelly -
Lisa -
Margie -

As always, we would love to see your take on this month's kit and anything that you make using it, so make sure to include them in our Monthly Link Up.

And, remember to check back in for Forgeries On The Fourth on the ... um ... 4th!

Much love! Clair x

PS. If you love the kit, but aren't sure whether you will have the time, energy or stash to play along this month, check back in for our new Mini Kit Reveal on the 6th. We'll be sharing some ideas for creating smaller kits!