Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 2017 Member Showcase

It's time to showcase a member who recently caught our eye and this month we'd like to spotlight someone we've noticed through Instagram: Mrs. P., known as @mrsp_scrapsandtea.

She curated this luscious take on our June inspiration kit:

Mrs. P. really captured the essence of the Felicity Jane kit with her color and pattern choices and just look at that pretty pile of embellishments!

But she didn't stop there...she made this page for our first challenge - the tic-tac-toe board...

and then posted this lovely page too:

Thanks so much for joining us this month, Mrs. P.!  Thanks also to everyone else who participated by making kits and projects - we really love seeing what you put together!

July is just around the corner - check back here on the 1st to see what we have in store for the new month!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Scribbles From My Scrap Studio–June 2017


Quick and easy works for me.

Obviously that is why I like making counterfeit kits -- to speed up my scrapbooking.  Another way in which I apply the quick and easy concept relates to scrapbook inspiration.
Like many of you, I have Pinterest boards full of layouts that I refer to now and again.  Honestly, I have to admit most of those pinned layouts are well over 2 years old.  If I am in a hurry-up-and-scrap-something mode, I am more likely to reach for something nearby.


I don’t want to have to refer to the computer first (where I can be distracted by other things). Here are some recent examples of other sources:

Product inserts -

like this old Autumn Leaves stamp set (2009).  I picked up this stamp set cheap at the Creating Keepsakes event in April, and within days of bringing it home I had used the layout here as a starting point for one of my own.


Catalogs –

like Close to My Heart are full of scrapbook layout ideas.  In fact, they pretty much trounce their rival competitor, Stampin Up (my preferred stamp vendor) with examples of easy but creative layouts.  Here is an example of one I spied for a layout last month.


Annual Planner -

from Scrapbook and Cards Today has monthly sketches with examples.  I have bought these for the last 3 years.  I never have enough discipline to attempt all the sketches, but I always manage a few.  This one is an example.


Class handouts –

after I have completed a scrapbooking class, especially at conventions or crops, I vacillate on whether or not to hold onto the instructions.  Will the possibility of referring back to the handout outweigh my desire to clear clutter and toss it?  Here is a recent example where the former proved true.


Sketch classes –

I have taken more than a few online sketch classes.  By far, my favorites were some of the earlier ones, maybe because I am now confident enough in my skills that I prefer the simpler sketches that get me started, but don’t force me into finishing a certain way.  I ALWAYS print out the class handouts, and appreciate those classes that give you a summary of just the sketches with examples at the end.  Here is one of the old Studio Calico Sketchbook class examples -  notice there are no embellishments specified.


Page starts -

I also occasionally refer back to Shimelle’s starting points posts – remember those?  In my mind these are a great way to use up scraps when trying to kill a kit.  Sometimes I will make up the starting point and file it away, sometimes it will be started and finished all at once. Having printed out a lot of them, I resurrected this sheet not long ago to finish off these last few Heidi Swapp papers.


So there you have it.  For quick and easy inspiration, I prefer paper over the ‘puter!

You will notice that scrapbook magazines are not listed there.  I haven’t subscribed in years, since Scrap 365 was discontinued.  I only get the occasional issue of Scrapbook and Cards today when it is free in an order from that huge online scrapbook store I love so much.  I do flip through the online issues of magazines, but I rarely print out ideas or refer back to them. (I know I am dreadfully old school.)

How about you – what is your go-to source for inspiration when you want it to be quick and easy?  How do you keep yourself focused when faced with all the inspiration available online?  Do tell!

And why not try reaching for one of those sources of inspiration, completing a layout and uploading it to our Facebook community group.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 2017 Challenge #2 - Take Six

June is the sixth month of the year, so we're going to celebrate that by using six of something on a project.  It's your choice: you can try six patterned papers, six die-cuts, six buttons, etc.  Maybe you'd like to try adding six photos to your layout or even a six-letter title.  Just be sure to play along by including six of something!

Ever the overachiever (!) Lisa got her layout done ahead of time (for once) and then went with 6 papers, 6 types of embellishments and (wait for it) journalling about 6 things right now! She's patting herself on her own back right now!

You can find out more over at her blog here.

Margie got a chance to play along, too:

She used 6 wood veneer, 6 stickers, and 6 die cut pieces!This challenge was great for using up several bits from her kit- you can see more on her blog here.

Don't forget that there's more ways than ever to join in the fun:

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 2017 Challenge #1 - Tic Tac Toe

We're going to have a little fun playing tic-tac-toe with a scrappy twist! I've had this idea pinned on one of my Pinterest boards for a while now and thought this would be a great month to give it a try:

Your project will be a "winner" when you fill three squares in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row by including the elements in those squares on your project.

Here's how Guest Designer Lea took on this challenge:


Clair chose to: Emboss; Make A Card; and Include A Die-Cut. Check out her blog, Obstinate Pursuit, for more details!

Kelly chose a vertical tic-tac-toe with a black & white photo, a spring theme, and pen stitching. Definitely a winning scrapbook combination!

Don't forget that there's more ways than ever to join in the fun:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 2017 Mini Kit Reveal

Love the June inspiration kit, but not entirely sure if you can join in this month? 

Maybe you're not sure if you have the time and energy to play along? 
Maybe you feel like you haven't got quite enough stash to make a full kit? 
Or maybe you're still working with the remnants of last month's inspiration kit and only need a small selection to work with? 
Whatever the reasons, our new mini-kit feature will hopefully help out when time, energy or stash are a little bit lacking! In addition to the main kit reveal on the 1st of the month, we are also creating our own smaller "Mini Kit" versions of the inspiration kit, along with some ideas for using them up quickly!

We are working with the Felicity Jane May 2017 kit, Willow, as our inspiration:

Kits can either be simply smaller versions of the main kit, or they can be specifically aimed to use as card kits, mini album kits, pocket style albums or planners.

It's entirely up to you.

And you can use the mini-kit option whenever you like 
  • You're still loving (and creating with) an older kit, but want to play along each month.
  • You don't have enough stash that suits the new inspiration kit. 
  • You're busy, but still want to feel creative. 
  • You love the 'Main Kit' but could have taken it in a different direction. Use the mini-kit as way to explore those other options. 
  • You need *more* kit. Use the mini-kit as an 'add on'. 
  • In fact, use the mini-kit inspiration in any way that you want! 

Here's a look at Susan's mini-kit and project. She has more details on her blog.


Here is Julene's mini kit pieces

With this she has made 6 cards, using neutral backgrounds.

The full story is on her blog.

Don't forget that there's more ways than ever to join in the fun:

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Forgery on the Fourth - June 2017

June inspiration, Felicity Jane's May 2017 "Willow" kit

Papers & journaling cards
Puffy shapes & stamp set

I'm thinking that a lot of counterfeits could happen this month with a little help from your stamp stash. Don't forget to curate your own personal stamp set that compliments your own custom kit. Anyone else see that featured geometric paper happening with tissue paper overlays? Go for it!

Let's see what the Design Team has come up with this month:

Lisa found this great-looking tutorial online for making reusable stencils with the Silhouette at Ginger Snap Crafts

Reusable stencils using your Silhouette by Ginger Snap Crafts
Over at Sands & Sisal, there are two ways to make a stencil and she shows us that good old fashioned printing and cutting out will work just fine!

How to make stencils by Sand & Sisal

And here are some printables for kit elements in colours that reminded her of the inspiration kit.

Vintage Glam Studio - peaches and cream

Vintage Glam Studio - team and coral II planner elements

Mein Lila Park - flower elements

Make sure to share YOUR mad counterfeiting skills with us on the Link-up Page and/or the brand new Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group! Or share on Instagram using @counterfeitkitchallenge or #counterfeitkitchallenge

Friday, June 2, 2017

Just the Gist of the Kit–June 2017

This month we are looking to Felicity Jane for our inspiration:


Their Willow Kit is really, really lovely.

Willow herself gives us the clues as to the essence of the kit.


When I look at this miss, as well as this kit,  I see a few things right away.  The main eye-catching coral/peach color, its calm aqua/blue/grey counterpart and the importance of patterns other than floral.  Felicity Jane kits are known for their gorgeous florals, but it appears to me that they have been downplayed this month.  And I like it!

Just like her hair and her dress, there is a wispiness to this kit that I really like. It captures a sense of free spirit - nothing much weighing her down, just a light touch of color.  Check out the other lovely patterns shown here, and add just a sweet touch of florals if you must.

That should capture the gist of this kit, just as easily as Miss Willow reaching up and waving a hand at you to say – hello lovely, won’t you play along with us this month.